A quick brush through his visitorís books will convince any connossieur, the efforts the propietor puts into to the well being of every guest and compliments abound literally on every page of his three visitorís books, autographed by varied customers, Goan, Indian, European, Hindu, Muslim and Christians.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my food for the first time in Goa. Being a Chef myself, I salute Chef Fernando for the high standard of quality, hygiene and service he has set for himself at Nostalgia.
John Herbert (Executive Chef, P & O Cruises, U.K)

Em quase 2 anos de Goa, esta vinda ao Nostalgia, foi um dos mais excellentes momentos que tive em Goa. Vou voltar mais vezes e desefo - lhes. All the best, pal. coragem de ter feito este pequeno espaco Portugues, sem complexos. Obrigado.
Adelino Rodrigues de Costa

EXCELLENT. Chef, food and atmosphere.
Xavier Furtado (M.D., Holiday Inn, Goa)

Um belo jantar. Obrigado.
Mario Miranda(Artist - Loutolim)

Food, service and music all top notch. It's nice to find a place in Goa, where the food besides being of top quality is not too spicy. Even the chips are nice.
Eric Munro (Scotland)

It is not by chance but by choice, that we came here, knowing Fernando's capabilities. Bravo! Fernando!
Mrs. Irene Barros (Betalbatim, Goa)

Delicious lunch, relaxing atmosphere making a wonderful Goan memory. I am specially glad you opened for us on a closed day!
Hillary Gilligan(Massachusetts, U.S.A.)

Simply delicious and Nostalgia will make GOA proud.
Emeliano da Cruz (Musician and Artists, Loutolim, Goa)

Parabens. Tudo o que ť feito com paixŠo, tem este espirito no ar. Vou voltar. Obrigado.
Suzana Barros (Ceramista, Lisboa)

Everything an experience in class A. 5 star. Especially nice was the fact that a Goan veg food was so good that the pure vegetarians did not feel left out at all !!
Sumeet Malhotra (Bombay)

Such a great repast. Fernando needs to provide beds or a truck to drive us home. It was a great meal. Brilliant!
Mahak & Jyotsna Sen and 20 other friends (Calcutta)