The restaurant in itself, an extension of a delicately preserved old house, is fashioned in the form of a large "Balcao", over looking a well manicured garden, and has besides a roofed 40 "comfortable" cover sitting, also an open air arrangement, bounded by an exquisite stage for special shows and parties of upto 200 guests catered to, by the restaurant.

A large array of artifacts in the form of instruments for guests playing, glass jars, arboric carvings, and age old vessels of culinary use, adorn the whole of the sitting area, creating an atmosphere of a little museum, in the true Goan spirit.

The Restaurant

Add to this, a large gift in the form of a village scene depiction by renowned cartoonist Mr. Mario Miranda and a Azulejos (blue & white tiles) panel offered by Mr. Ivo da Costa Azaredo(Bebe), proprietor of M/s Goa Velha, a concern involved in manufacturing nostalgic effects on ceramic tiles, and you have a perfect blend of a dream "Eat out" place.

A word of mention has to be made of Nostalgia's spotlessly clean and hygienically maintained toilets with separate sections of ladies and gents and away from the main sitting area itself.