Buffet TableThe menu, an innovation in itself is pleasantly handwritten on a cooking vessel lid, and as Chef Fernando explains has become a collector’s item with many disappearing unnoticed. But that doesn’t upset him as the smile on his face depicts it all - a calm disposition.

The restaurant "A la carte" menu which has a vast variety of seafood specialities caters exclusively to Goan food such as Caldeirada, Caldinho, Panados, Rolados, Xacutis, Vindalhos, Cafreal, Recheiados, Feijoada, Balchao, Ambot-tik, Rosachi Codi, Moongancheo Ganteo, Hotcottem, Sukem, Chouli Ros, besides a large number of appetizing snacks, soups and salads including the famous Kishmur, yet Chef Fernando well versed as he is in culinary expertise, is not averse to prepare Chinese, Indian or Continental dishes for special occasions and parties.

This restaurant is probably among the very few eating houses, that serves freshly made sannas with sorpotel and bakes the great dessert "Bolo Sansrival" which is practically non-existent in Goa anymore.

Buffet Table

A mention has to be definitely made of Nostalgia’s ever willing and courteous waiters attired in the Kumbi Saree cloth Kurta Pyjama, and the music which are recordings by Goan artists. During the peak season from November, the entertainment is enhanced with live performances atleast thrice a week by famous Goan musicians and stage artists.