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This is a very popular dessert created during the Hindu festival of Holi. Holi is the last day of the Hindu calendar. On the eve of this festival a huge wood pyre is made and set afire. Discarded or unwanted materials like dead wood of trees, broken pieces of furniture etc. are also put in the fire. This symbolises the destruction of one's ill feelings and/or animosities towards others. The next day the Holi Festival is celebrated by playing with colours in the morning with friends and neighbours getting together. In the evening visits are made to friends and relatives when sweets are offered and good wishes extended to one another.

1/2 kg lentils (dhal)
1/2 kg. Cane sugar (jaggery)
1/2 k.g white flour (maida)
100 ml. oil
1 teaspoon cardamon powder
1 teaspoon hydrogenated oil (ghee)

Wash gram dal and boil this with half tea sp.salt and water till it is very soft. When it is slightly cold strain and add jaggery and grind to a fine paste, If it is sticky put it on a low fire and dry up completely. This is called puran.
Knead maida with half teaspoon salt with water.It should be neither very hard or too soft.Add oil and knead it till oil is absorbed and now do equal balls of puran and kneaded maida. Roll maida ball into a small puri.Fill it with puran ball. MAKE it into a ball and roll to a poli. Put on the pan and fry it dry turning both sides. Eat this melted with pure ghee. It is delicious eaten hot and with a nice cup of tea.
This recipe was supplied by Mrs. Navelar, Miramar, Panjim, Goa.




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