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Russian Salad

100 gms tomatoes, cut into pieces
100 gms french beans, boiled
100 gms carrots, boiled
100 gms green peas, cooked
1 tbsp vinegar or lime juice
A pinch of pepper powder
Salt to taste
Mayonnaise sauce made of 1 egg
1 pineapple tin (450 gms)

Cut all the vegetables into cubes. Add lime juice, pepper and salt and keep for 1 hour. Put in a salad bowl and coat with mayonnaise sauce.

Mayonnaise Sauce:
1 egg yolk or 1 whole egg
150 ml salad oil or olive oil
tsp white pepper powder
tsp mustard powder
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste

Put the egg yolk, salt, sugar, pepper powder and mustard powder in a bowl and start beating with an electric beater. Add oil in a fine stream and continue to beat until it thickens. Finally add lime juice and beat for a while.




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