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Arroz Refogado with Chourico
( sausage pulao)

6 cups fine rice (clean and wash well)
12 cups chicken stock (save some pieces of chicken meat which should be sliced)
6 soup cubes (optional)
2 onions (sliced fine)
2 tomatoes (sliced fine)
6 flakes of garlic (sliced fine)
5 tbsp pork fat or oil
6 cloves
salt to taste


Fry the sliced ingredients in the fat or oil till onions are slightly browned. Add rice, chicken meat slices and cloves and fry for a while. Stir in the stock and soup cubes as well as salt if necessary and cook on slow fire with the lid on.
Stir the rice now and then with a fork.
When the stock has dried and the rice is cooked remove from the fire. Garnish with boiled sausages, peas, french beans, carrots and sliced hardboiled eggs.

Note: Instead of chicken stock, beef or pork (bones) stock can be used and 3 or 4 sausages instead of chicken meat.




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